Grey streets, grey mood

One of those moments. One of those days. I wouldn’t call it depression, for the word is far too strong. It’s melancholy. A little devil sinking claws. Or at least, trying to. Mood grey like the wet streets outside. Sun hidden by clouds, like a son grounded by his mother. Not much of a will. … More Grey streets, grey mood

Frozen on display

A desert of red sand. Scattered pieces of stone thrown as if from an old apocalypse. What history did they have? But no soul in sight to utter the tale. Truth, lie or anything in between. A warm silence in stale air. But something remained. A woman behind walls of glass. Like a modern birdcage. … More Frozen on display

Understanding the voice

No, not the mental voice that says you probably shouldn’t eat 2 king-size pizza’s today. Wait… are there actually king-size pizzas? I guess I just sold a business idea for free! Or maybe not… Anyway, mental release aside (so as to not use a more… descriptive word), I am referring to the writer’s voice. This … More Understanding the voice

Writing and experience

A secret ingredient that hides in plain sight, if you will. Writing, in itself, is a beautiful endeavour. Rewarding, relaxing, fulfilling beyond belief. Yet, the question that resides on many people’s minds and lips is how to do good writing. And there are a lot of ways Many ways. From knowing the best words to … More Writing and experience