The little pencils

I have to say I have become amused by this. Sipping on an almost empty glass of wine at 2 in the morning, and letting the fingers bleed words. Such interesting tools we writers have. Some look at a pencil, others at the notebook, and some at the Word document we create for our books … More The little pencils

Days gone

Ah, I am writing this at 2AM in the morning. I look back at the amount of days that passed by and they all seem a blur. Toiling for a company that would love to have you online 24/7 is frustrating and stressful, as many of you unfortunately know. And perhaps, even have it worse. … More Days gone

Return of the Velvets

It’s been a long and unintended hiatus since I’ve posted about The Crimson Velvets. I ended up writing more and more about something else, but… What truly started this blog was The Crimson Velvets. And thus, I want to announce that Bartholomew Valdan’s gang will return soon! We will see where the journey takes us, … More Return of the Velvets

A smith of words

A word that brings heaps of boredom, but also the comfort of stability. It”s also a source of creating useful habits. My posts haven’t been as often as they used to be like last year. However, I also feel the impact of my writing and my skill has been honed through reading and writing. Recently, … More A smith of words


Oh, I know you. It’s quite obvious by looking at your face. The same eyes, and style of hair. You are me in the flesh. I can see that look of yours. The sense of superiority you wear like a fine coat. But I know that you don’t do it because you see yourself above … More Arrogance