24 Pages

That is the amount I’ve written for the Crimson Velvets recently. It’s not a lot, mind you, but it is progress. I’ve managed to flesh out the world a bit more and to give some depth to certain characters. Also, what is fun is that after finishing the latest small chapter I almost felt at … More 24 Pages

Champagne for 2021

Champagne indeed! We say farewell and good riddance to one tough year. A year where we learned how many things we took for granted, and that sometimes you really should be careful what you wish for (looking at you, work from home!). But it’s also been a year of personal development. Of sculpting yourself to … More Champagne for 2021

The little pencils

I have to say I have become amused by this. Sipping on an almost empty glass of wine at 2 in the morning, and letting the fingers bleed words. Such interesting tools we writers have. Some look at a pencil, others at the notebook, and some at the Word document we create for our books … More The little pencils