Oh, I know you. It’s quite obvious by looking at your face. The same eyes, and style of hair. You are me in the flesh. I can see that look of yours. The sense of superiority you wear like a fine coat. But I know that you don’t do it because you see yourself above … More Arrogance

I am the Dragon

I woke engulfed in darkness. I looked around and it was as if a thick black mist was shrouding my vision. Yet, I was not about to linger. My feet were not rooted within the cold stones. And as I walked I found the darkness beginning to wane. It slowly turned to grey, and the … More I am the Dragon

The Doctor – Finale

This story is set in my The Crimson Velvets universe. For the 5th part – click here. As the crowd began to disperse, The Doctor nodded towards the group of a dozen prostitutes. Eleanor turned and shook her head. “It’s not the same…” “Truly? Then why did you go out of your way to keep … More The Doctor – Finale

Hope for a return

I’ve started this post as an update to share with you. But the more I wrote, the quicker it turned into some sort of an excuse married with complaining. The type of thing that only drags your chin down instead of blowing wind into your sails. April and May are a blur. Well, the latter … More Hope for a return

The Doctor – Part 1

This story is set in my The Crimson Velvets universe. He placed the scalpel on the table. The blood from it dripped until forming a small pool over the oak. He then took the severed finger and examined it with a strange curiosity. The cut was precise. Surgical, as his colleagues loved to say. And … More The Doctor – Part 1

Night owls

Fresh night’s air, almost pristine in an enclosed jungle of cement. People watching calmly behind the protective nets, shielding against the hungry bites of mosquitoes. Lights turned dim, close to being off. Strangers savoring the silence as if it was the last glass of wine. The owls stand next to their windows and watch, as … More Night owls