Pride in vulnerability

Some of the best advice I’ve ever got when it comes to writing, came from a course by Neil Gaiman. It taught me how important honesty is as a writer. To show candidness to your readers with each stroke of the pen. And how can you achieve that? By showing vulnerability. It is to tap … More Pride in vulnerability

Freedom restrained

Before this whole corona madness, I was a man seeking the comfort of socialising in venues that do not blast deafening music to the point that making conversation is harder than moving mountains with your teeth. And one such place that gave me an interesting memory was an erotic design fair. I had some expectations … More Freedom restrained

The Doctor of Serdavik

The Doctor looked at the glass. It held the ambery liquid of mild inspiration. A sip to dull the senses, and let the barriers of the mind turn to choking dust. Not too quick, to prevent the coat of fog from shrouding his vision. But not slow enough for the nerves to recover. It was … More The Doctor of Serdavik