The Message

Sounds a bit ominous, doesn’t it? A very important piece of advice that I found from Neil Gaiman is to know the message of your story. And it has helped tremendously! For a while I was doing short stories that were more or less descriptive pieces of writing. Good? Yes. Great? Maybe. Memorable? Definitely not. … More The Message

Change in strategy

I was thinking quite a lot about this headline. Turned out pretty well. But now to the main reason for this post. This is an announcement, and I am something akin to a herald. Yes, I’ve decided it is time for a change in strategy. If you have been following for a while (which I … More Change in strategy

Art, wine and laziness

Laziness tugged at him as if it was an invisible ball and chain. It’s ethereal metal glinted after years of being diligently polished. And yet, despite its weight, he left for the event. He did it due to a deceptively simple choice: spend his days akin to a hermit locked within the confines of his … More Art, wine and laziness

5-word short story

God and man, playing chess. This is my first attempt here at such a condensed story. I was inspired by Hemmingway and by a blogger who had a 6-word story challenge. Can’t remember exactly who. Photo by FelixMittermeister from Pixabay.