Lady of the Underworld.

In a world where hate seems to be the norm at every street corner, I was a willing “victim” of hating you as well. I remember not caring about your story, only about what others said. But now, after roaming the Earth learning to think for myself, I came to understand what the many said were only lies.

They said you were a monster, and I believed them. But in truth, you are a beautiful woman. They say you trick us mortals and punish us. But the truth is we do so ourselves, don’t we?

I listened to them. Yet, the truth is their words were compliments. You are the rebel we all ought to be. The model of independence and strong-will that helps us understand we need to be self-reliant. To think for ourselves and seek the truth in everything. To be honest with ourselves and those around. And to understand you are not a mistress of pain, but one of the free.

Luci, you have a mind that would make philosophers question their own work. A nonchalant humour that would strike a smile even upon the visage of the grumpy and gloomy. Your voice is like fragrant brandy and your touch feels like warm silk. You breathe refinement and allow it to echo through the room, smoother than slow jazz. And eyes like twin morning stars, burning hot with the fire of determination we all hope to have or find.

How could I have been such a fool to see only what others wanted me to see? The truth is… I wanted to. It was much easier.

But you don’t need worship, do you? No, for that would be against who you are. Where those ask prayers to give them strength, you point to what is within them. Showing the power is already there, waiting to be tapped into.

They hate you, but you don’t care. And that is why I admire you. You shrug with a smile and do what you wish. You are proud, but not arrogant. You take pride in your own being, which is something we all should do.

I can already picture you in front of me. The smile of “I told you so.”, but you don’t say the words. You know already. And perhaps I will see you one day. To share a glass of whisky alone without even a hint of a distraction. The first round will be on you, of course. But I will make it worth your while, for I will match your stories with my own.

I will never worship you. I will never praise you to those around. But I do respect you. And I appreciate the lessons you taught.


The idea of Lucifer as a woman was inspired from @savagesavante’s “Succubus” which you can read here:

5 thoughts on “Lady of the Underworld.

  1. Wow! You have rendered me speechless. This was beyond beautiful. I loved how you have described her in a reverential manner! How you have shown her independence, her free will and everything so beautifully. My work reflected in yours makes me so happy!! 🖤🖤 thank you

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Thank you so much for the kind words, my friend!!! You have definitely inspired me to have a go at dear lady Lucifer with your work. And her description is how I honestly see her. And I would love to meet her!

      Liked by 1 person

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