Madness and Innocence

“And I am supposed to do what? Hmm? Try to alter the unalterable?

Innocence looked at Madness with the same childlike curiosity.

“But I didn’t say anything.”

“Of course you didn’t! Your face would be downright infuriating to watch if it weren’t so lovable. Ugh… I wonder why I even keep this conversation going.”

“You always want to talk to me.”

“True, true… you are cute and make me wonder how you’d look strangled with someone else’s innards. Wouldn’t use yours, probably because they are as white as you… Also, why in the seven blazes are you white?!” Madness paused, pondering. “Wait, are there even seven blazing hells? What if they are cold? Or brothels! Brothels sound nice.”

Innocence laughed, a sound that reminded of delicate flowers during the warmest day of spring.

“Maybe because white is always associated with me? Also, you truly believe my innards are white?”

“WHITE!” Madness raised his hands in exasperation. “White and black! Black and pristine white! Damn it all… the bloody simplicity of complicating existence! Good… evil, middle… sex… and something else. What is the bloody point? Hmm? Why good, why evil? Is that even real? Not even pleasure and pain are genuine anymore! These idiots complicating things as if it’s their life’s mission!”

Innocence shrugged.

“Why blame them? Maybe they like it this way. In the end, it’s their life.”

“WHAT life?! Look at them! They squander everything and refuse their simplest of pleasures! Freedom, my sweet ball of purity!” Madness stopped to ponder again. “Are you even sweet? Should I oven or fry you? Perhaps eat you raw? Hmm… should I add salt?”

Innocence laughed and grabbed his hand, looking at him lovingly.

“I never get bored with you.”

“Why would you? If I don’t, doubt anyone will… Spontaneity, my white-freckled friend! That is the name of the game! Of life and its essence! And it’s so few of it these days… A SHAME!” he grabbed the bottle, drank a quarter of its amber coloured content and then smashed it on the wall. He began juggling with some of the glass.

“Of that, you are a true master.” She smiled

“And you of being in short supply! I swear people lose you far too early. Which is lovely! More for me, but still… It’s like you are a childhood friend they kick in the loins and leave her crying. Do you even have loins? Wait… no, you don’t. I checked!” Madness shook his head. “Some don’t even get to meet you more than a few ticks on the clock.”

He got up and took her into a dance. The room changed to an empty street in the sun. Colours shifted and mixed forming patterns of sorrow, joy or reminding of pain. Echoes of animals came and left as if on a whim. Nothing remained as is for more than a few moments.

“Also, why the hell do they always see you as a child? Look at you! A grown woman! Hmm… could you even look at yourself without a mirror?”


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